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Punta Salinas Air Guard Station

200 Carr 165
Toa Bala, PR 00949
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Our primary mission in Toa Baja is Space. This mission uses many different types of satellites and cyber-operations to gather electronic transmissions and information, providing individuals in the field with real-time situational awareness.

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140th Air Defense Squadron

The mission of the 140th Air Defense Squadron is to work with a variety of satellites and systems to provide individuals in the field with real-time space situational awareness. The 140th Operations Support Squadron is responsible for providing support to the 140th Wing training mission. Functions within the 140th include airfield management, air traffic control, intelligence, flight records, current operations scheduling, training, control of the Airburst bombing range, weapons and tactics, plans and mobility, and weather forecasting and warning services. Additionally, the 140th manages an annual flying hour program of over 5,500 hours and 2,500 sorties.

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