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Air Station State College

In State College, our primary mission is focused on operational-level Command and Control supporting the air campaign and contingencies worldwide. Simultaneously, we assist ground forces in their mission execution and direct joint service air capabilities in the regional airspace. Our members design the air plans, tasking orders, and incorporate national guidance and assets to achieve the objectives. Additional missions include Combat Operations, Intelligence, and Communications.

Base Contact Information

Air Station State College
1776 Minuteman Ln
State College, PA 16803

Mission Types in Air Station State College (2)


112th Air Operations Squadron

The 122nd Air Support Operations Squadron provides liaison to Army commanders on the use of air power, and provides terminal attack control for Close Air Support missions. They support one Army Guard Division and two Army Guard Brigades with Air Liaison Officers and Tactical Air Control Party specialists. The 122nd is capable of establishing and maintaining mobile voice and data networks anywhere, in any conditions, to provide state leadership with clear lines of information during emergencies.