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Charlotte Air National Guard Base

In Charlotte, we focus on Air Mobility, a mission that delivers global air transportation of equipment and supplies during times of war and for peace-time training exercises. This includes providing safe, comfortable and reliable transportation of military personnel or dignitaries anywhere in the world. In addition we perform Airborne Firefighting missions.

Mission Types in Charlotte Air National Guard Base (2)


145th Airlift Wing

The 145th Airlift Wing's mission is tactical airlift, and it currently has ten C-130 H3 aircraft, which are used for anything from hauling SOF teams, evacuating nursing homes during hurricane season, dropping bales of hay to land-locked animals after floods, and putting out wildfires across the nation. The largest unit in the state, the 145th AW has more than 1200 members providing a multitude of skills, from Aircraft Maintenance to Medical Evaucation.