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Battle Creek Air National Guard Base

In Battle Creek Michigan, we perform the Remotely Piloted Aircraft Mission. This involves a variety of operations, including close air support, air interdiction, intelligence collection, and quick strike capabilities with minimal danger to military personnel. Additionally, we provide Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance as well as a Command and Control Mission.

Base Contact Information

Battle Creek Air National Guard Base
3545 Mustang Ave
Springfield, MI 49037

Mission Types in Battle Creek Air National Guard Base (3)


110th Attack Wing

The 110th Attack Wing provides creative solutions to international and domestic challenges by applying advanced capabilities for the 21st century. The 110th ATKW delivers exemplary Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance to various federal and state entities with the MQ-9 ""Reaper"" as well as combat-ready personnel to support toe command and control of the U.S. Air Forces in Europe/U.S. Air Forces Africa, as well as aiding any emergency response within the state of Michigan.