The Michigan Air National Guard has three main bases across the state, located in Alpena, Mount Clemens, and Springfield. They perform six unique missions, training and preparing the citizen-airmen to respond to the Governor of Michigan for state emergencies, or the call of the President, in times of national crisis.

Michigan State Benefits

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    Education Benefits

    Michigan Air National Guard members who are satisfactory participants and have served, or are serving, for a period of six years qualify to participate in the Michigan State Tuition Assistance Program, which directly reimburses the members' learning institution for tuition and fees pertaining to education. Members of the Michigan Air Guard are eligible to receive up to $6,000 per year ($600 per credit hour) for courses taken at accredited institutions based in Michigan for certificate programs, vocational and technical training, along with associate, bachelor's, master's, and your first profesional degree. Michigan universities and colleges also offer grants of up to 45% off tuition for Michigan Air Guard members. These grants may be used in conjunction with other available tuition assistance programs and the MGIB.

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    Injury Death Benefits

    Michigan Air Guard members get term life insurance up to $50,000 and dependent coverage up to $10,000. Surviving dependents of Air Guard members killed in action receive up to 100% at state schools.

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    Michigan state employees that join the Air Guard get 15 days paid military leave per year. Air Guard members also get exclusive access to distinctive auto plates.

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    Retirement Points

    $50 per month retirement at age 55 for 19 years/6 months of service with the Michigan Air Guard.

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    State Tax Advantage

    Federal military pay exempt. Military retirement pay is tax exempt.