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Otis Air National Guard Base

158 Reilly St, Box 17
Otis Air Natl, MA 02542
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At Otis Air National Guard Base, our primary mission is Intelligence. This involves gathering, analyzing and interpreting information from a variety of sources to allow leaders to make the necessary decisions to protect and defend our national interests. Additional missions include Combat Communications, Engineering and Installation, and Homeland Defense.

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102nd Intelligence Wing

Intelligence aircraft overfly hotspots around the world, collecting and beaming information to the 102nd Intelligence Group at Cape Cod, in near real time. Teams of analysts view data streaming from these sensors and fuse that information with other intelligence sources to provide war fighters with timely, tailored, and actionable situational updates within minutes. Regardless of the mission, the 102nd gets information to decision makers when needed so they can take action and achieve success.

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