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Springfield Air National Guard Base

3101 J David Jones Pkwy
Springfield, IL 62707
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At Springfield Air National Guard Base, we focus on Command and Control, which involves assisting ground force commanders in control of regional airspace while directing joint service aircraft in the planning, requesting, coordinating and controlling close air operations, intelligence gathering and airlift. In addition, we perform Engineering and Installation and have an Air Operations Group, a Centralized Intermediate Repair Facility and a Homeland Defense Mission.

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183rd Fighter Wing

The 183rd Fighter Wing is located in Springfield, Illinois. During it's 60 year history, members have made significant contributions during state emergencies, and with mission support of the United States Air Force. Co-located with the 183rd FW is the 183rd Air Operations Group tasked with organizing, planning, and executing the air war in a contingency; the 183rd Centralized Repair Facility conducting maintenance on the F110 jet engines; and the 217th Engineering Installation Squadron.

217th Engineering Installation Squadron

The 217th Engineering Installation Squadron is one of 16 Engineering Installation Squadrons located throughout the US.Their mission is to engineer and install communications systems for Department of Defense customers around the world. The 217th engineers communications cable, electronics and antenna projects from beginning to end. They perform installation of radios, antennas, copper and fiber optic cable. This is a great unit to become a part of if you are looking for work in the civilian side of things. Most of what this unit does and the training involved prepare airmen for in-demand civilian jobs. The unit also has a support section that is made up of logistics, supply, information management, training, vehicle maintenance and personnel.

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