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Andersen Air Force Base

At Anderson Air Force Base, the Guam Air National Guard's federal mission provides operationally ready combat support forces to augment the Air Force and National Defense initiatives upon mobilization. At the state level, our organization provides personnel as part of Homeland Defense in the protection of life, property, and the preservation of peace, order and public safety while being prepared to transition into a national defense asset.

Base Contact Information

Andersen Air Force Base
14021 Bonin Ave, Bldg 21018
Barrigada, GU 96929

Mission Types in Andersen Air Force Base (3)


254th Air Base Group

The 254th provides the Air Force and Guam with a highly mobile response force, from REDHORSE engineers to Security Forces Defenders, along with support personnel. The Guam Air National Guard maintains and organizes a well-trained, well-equipped, highly mobile, rapidly deployable, self-sustaining force capable of supporting airpower worldwide in remote and austere environments. The 254th is the only Air Guard unit on Guam and maintains a strong force of 400 members.

254th Security Forces Squadron

The 254th Security Forces Squadron operates out of Andersen Air Force Base. Located in Barrigada, Guam, the mission of the 254th Security Forces Squadron includes the Security Forces mission.