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Tyndall Air Force Base

650 Florida Ave, Bldg 485A
Tyndall AFB, FL 32403
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Our primary mission at Tyndall Air Force Base is Space. This mission uses many different types of satellites and cyber-operations to gather electronic transmissions and information, providing individuals in the field with real-time situational awareness. Additional missions at this location include Command and Control and Homeland Defense.

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101st Air and Space Operations Group

The 101 AOG provides strategic air defense and sovereignty, air tactical warning and assessment to the North American Defense (NORAD) Commander and Combined Air Operations Center in support of homeland defense and security of the southeastern United States. The unit is responsible for monitoring air traffic in the world’s busiest air corridor, and is one of three North American Aerospace Defense Command Sectors that combine the use of military and FAA radar facilities to accomplish its mission.

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