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San Diego Air National Guard Station

Our primary mission in San Diego is Combat Communications, where we are responsible for deploying, operating and maintaining strategic emergency communications anywhere in the world in both peacetime and combat environments. In addition, we conduct the Eagle Vision mission, which provides mission planners, topographical units and intelligence analysts with up-to-date imagery via satellite.

Base Contact Information

San Diego Air National Guard Station
7288 Convoy Ter
San Diego, CA 92111

Mission Types in San Diego Air National Guard Station (2)


147th Combat Communications Squadron

The primary mission of the 147th Combat Communications Squadron is to deploy, operate, and maintain strategic dispersal of emergency communications anywhere in the world. The primary peacetime function is the provision of emergency communications and other needed assistance during state-declared emergencies. The 147th ACS was organized in 1948, in Burbank, California. The unit later moved to San Fernando Valley Airport in 1951, and is now located in San Diego, California.