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North Highlands Air Guard Station

At North Highlands, we focus on Combat Communications. This involves deploying, operating and maintaining strategic emergency communications anywhere in the world in both peacetime and combat environments.

Base Contact Information

North Highlands Air Guard Station
3900 Roseville Rd
Sacramento, CA 95660

Mission Types in North Highlands Air Guard Station (1)


162nd Combat Communications Group

The 162nd Combat Communications Group operates out of North Highlands Air Guard Station. Located in Sacramento, California, the mission of the 162nd Combat Communications Group includes the Combat Communications mission.

149th Combat Communications Squadron

The mission of the 149th Combat Communications Squadron (CBCS) is to train skilled communications professionals to operate and maintain emergency communications equipment anywhere in the world. The unit also responds to state emergencies when called upon by the Governor of California. Since its inception in 1946, members of the 149th have served in every major military operation. The unit has also responded to the call of the governor for local and statewide emergencies.