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Dannelly Field

5187 Selma Hwy
Montgomery, AL 36108
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At Dannelly Field, our primary mission is the Fighter mission, which involves air-to-air and air-to-ground operations designed to support ground forces and to gain control of enemy airspace. In addition, we perform Combat Communications Mission.

Career Types in Dannelly Field (98)


Mission Types in Dannelly Field (3)


187th Fighter Wing

The 187th Fighter Wing provides the nation with a superior F-16C+ Aviation Package, RC-26B Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance platform and Expeditionary Combat Support functions organized, trained, and equipped for rapid worldwide combat deployment, domestic relief and law enforcement operations.

226th Combat Communications Group

The 226th Combat Communications Group operates out of Dannelly Field.Located in Montgomery, Alabama, the mission of the 226th Combat Communications Group includes the Combat Communications mission.

232nd Combat Communications Squadron

The 232nd Combat Communications Squadron operates out of Dannelly Field. Located in Montgomery, Alabama, the mission of the 232nd Combat Communications Squadron includes the Combat Communications mission.

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