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As a member of the Air National Guard, we value your service. Without individuals like you performing your jobs, we would never be able to execute our missions at our exceptional level of excellence. On this page, you can explore the benefits of continued service. You'll find information on retraining or how you can advance your career by becoming an Officer. You could even move or change units within the state. This section allows you to see what possibilities exist.

Career RetrainingStep 01

Step 1 Career Retraining

If your unit is going through mission or manpower changes, you may need to move or retrain. Here, you can check out the possibilities on your own and not feel pressured into making a quick decision. Let's check out my options!

Enlisted To OfficerStep 02

Step 2 Officer Enlistment

Move your career to a new level — as an officer. If you have obtained your Bachelor's degree, you can apply for any vacant officer positions you qualify for. If selected, you will attend the Academy of Military Science (AMS) to begin your new career. Let's see what I qualify for!

TransferStep 03

Step 3 Career Transfer

We understand how things in your life can change, and you may need to transfer from one location to another. Or maybe you'd like to retrain into a new career field. We make it simple to help you meet your goals. Let's see what's available!

  • 01 Step 01Career Retraining
  • 02 Step 02Enlisted to Officer
  • 03 Step 03Transfer

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