Discover how you can continue to serve your country part-time, while you pursue a full-time civilian career. Receive the benefits of military service, while still enjoying time with your friends and family.

Palace Front Program

If your commitment is ending and you're looking at your options, the Palace Front program allows you to make a seamless transition into a part-time military position within the Air Guard, with no break in military service. Contact a recruiter for more information at 800-TO-GO-ANG.


Palace Chase Program

Are you ready to transition into a part-time military position, but have not yet fulfilled your entire commitment to the Air Force? With the Palace Chase program, once you’ve completed at least half of your original contract (two-thirds for officers), you can transition directly from the Air Force to the Air Guard before your Expiration of Term of Service (ETS). Contact a recruiter for more information at 800-TO-GO-ANG.

Life in the Air Guard

The Benefits of Service

There are things about military service that you just can’t find in civilian life. In addition to the tangible benefits, there’s a sense of security, not to mention the camaraderie. Many people who leave the military discover that they miss the people and the lifestyle. In the Air Guard, you serve part-time, close to home, while still enjoying the benefits of service – including TRICARE coverage, Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) and military retirement plan.

The Freedom of Part-Time

As an active-duty member of the Air Force, you have served your country well. Now, you have the opportunity to continue your service, but on your terms. In the Air Guard, you can achieve your civilian career goals, pursue your education and enjoy plenty of time with your family. It’s military service that fits your life.

The Best of Both Worlds

Serving part-time in the Air Guard, you’ll continue to receive the benefits of military service with the freedom to pursue a civilian career or continue your education. With more than 140 Air Guard units in the United States and its territories, you can serve where you live. Plus, you can choose from over 200 career options, so you can continue in your military specialty or re-train into a completely new field. Whatever you do, you can count on the Air Guard to stand behind you every step of the way.

Air Guard Requirements


You must be below the magic number of 40. Subtract your years of service from your age. If the result is less than 40, you may be eligible to join the Air National Guard.

Written Examination

You must have valid ASVAB scores for the job selection process.

Entrance Physical Examination

You must have or get a current military physical.

Strong Moral Character

Air Guard looks for new recruits to have a strong sense of pride and respectable moral character.


Certain body art may not be allowed based on size, location, and content, but your recruiter will make the final decision.


You must have a good RE code on your DD 214, or an eligible Discharge Order. Your recruiter will review your entire military service time to determine eligibility.