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Your dedication to country, community, and the Air National Guard is what makes us one of the world's most elite military forces. We work hard to invest in you in return for the exceptional work you do here. On this page, you can find information on retraining, becoming an Officer, and transferring to a new unit. For additional resources and insight, please contact your Unit Career Advisor or Retention Officer Manager.

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Career Retraining

If your unit is going through mission or manpower changes, you may need to move or retrain. Here, you can check out the possibilities on your own and not feel pressured into making a quick decision. Let's check out my options!

Enlisted to Officer

Take your career to the next level — as an officer. If you've obtained your bachelor's degree, you can apply for any vacant officer positions you qualify for. If selected, you will attend the Academy of Military Science (AMS) to begin your new career. Let's see what I qualify for!


We understand that your life circumstances could change, and you may need to transfer from one location to another. Or maybe you'd like to retrain into a new career field. We make it simple to help you meet your goals. Let's see what's available!

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These calculations represent base pay and do not factor in potential income from other sources such as sign-on bonuses, specialty pay and tuition assistance, or non-cash compensation including health care and insurance.

Understand My Pay

Annual Training Pay is the total compensation for two weeks of training. Monthly Drill Pay is the monthly amount you receive for serving 1 weekend a month at your ANG base. The Annual Drill Pay represents the yearly total for all 12 months of Monthly Drill Pay. Your actual compensation may differ due to a number of factors.

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