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Air National Guard

Wildfire WarriorsRushing to the Rescue

Wherever wildfires burn, Air National Guard firefighters go all out to stop them in their tracks.

Wildfires in the U.S.A.Are on the Rise

Every year, wildfires rage out of control and scorch millions of acres. Homes are destroyed. Lives are threatened. Using advanced equipment, impressive skills and awesome courage, Air Guardsmen join the battle to help prevent utter devastation and save those in harm’s way.

Air Guardsmen go wherever we're needed to fight our country's deadliest blazes.

California, 2007

Flying RC-26 aircraft 10,000 feet high, the Air Guard delivers full-motion video of the fires to incident commanders.

Texas, 2011

C-130s equipped with Modular Airborne Firefighting Systems (MAFFS) deploy to Texas to fight wildfires.

Colorado, 2012

30 Air Guard Firefighters along with two C-130s with Modular Airborne Firefighting Systems (MAFFS) battle raging wildfires.

The C-130 Hercules with MAFFS:
Our most Powerful Weapon in the War on Wildfires

C-130 Pilot

Imagine maneuvering through heavy smoke and flying over flames towering hundreds of feet high in a perilous wildfire.

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Flight Engineer

When responding to a wildfire, every second counts. Flight Engineers make certain the plane and crew are mission ready.

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Loadmasters must think fast and move faster as the expert in packing and prepping planes to respond to wildfires.

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Gear Spotlight: C-130Modular Airborn Firefighting System (MAFFS)

Retardant Load 3,000 Gallons
Altitude at Drop 150 Feet
Load Discharge Time Less Than 5 Seconds
Drop Coverage Area 1/4 Mile by 60 Feet
Refill Time Under 12 Minutes

When you're responding to a wildfire, there are a lot of different roles you can play.

–Senior Airman Joshua Wolff, 122nd FW, Indiana Air National Guard

Becoming an Air Guard Firefighter

With five years of firefighting under his belt, SrA Josh Wolfe joined the Air National Guard. Those five years were just the beginning. Learn about the training needed to become an Air Guard firefighter.

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Air Guard Firefighters in Action

Any hour of the day, Air National Guard firefighters are ready to be called on, able to perform their jobs without hesitation.

Fighting America's Fires

Whether it’s a forest blazing out of control or a downed plane with a trapped crew, Air Guard firefighters put themselves in harm’s way to battle the fires, rescue survivors and save lives.

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All of the lives that we've been able to save and property that we've been able to protect is a testament to the quality of what we've been able to accomplish.

–LtCol Bryan Allen, Deputy Commander, 146th AEG, California Air National Guard

In the Aftermath of the Wildfires

Using C-130s, even bulldozers, the Air Guard fights the wildfires from above and on the ground.

8,400+ Airmen fighting the MAFFS mission
across several career fields
6,500+ ANG Wildfire misisons since 1974