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Air National Guard

Ready to RespondRushing to the Rescue

Hurricane Irene sweeps the Eastern Coast wreaking havoc and causing untold destruction. Long before the call comes, Air National Guardsmen are ready to help.

Saving Lives in the Wakeof Disaster

The Air Guard saves lives and provides medical assistance in the aftermath of an attack: the Homeland Response Force (HRF) and the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and High-yield Explosives Enhanced Response

Ten HRF teams and 17 CERFP teams train to handle everything from search and extraction to mass patient decontamination.

Operation Joint Patriot

What if a tornado collapses a chemical plant? Airmen train to implement chemical detection and decontamination areas.

Operation Talon Shield

A catastrophic tornado rips through a town in Ohio, leaving Airmen to sift through collapsed structures for victims.

Operation Ardent Sentry

Airmen from eight states train to deal with mass casualty evacuation and provide on-the-spot life saving care.

Rapidly deploy airmen to rescue,
save and evacuate patients.

Flight Nurse

Attend to both seriously injured and trauma patients at the scene of a disaster and during the flight to the hospital

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Flight Surgeon

In the air and on the ground, provide Airmen with the best medical care under stressful situations.

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Aerospace Medicine Specialist

Treat patients during any disaster scenario–from fires and floods to hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes.

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Gear Spotlight:C-17 Globemaster III

Thrust 40,440 LBS
Wingspan 169.8 FT
Length 174 FT
Payload 170,900 LBS
Speed 515 MPH
Range 2,420 Miles

That was the moment that
let me know that this is
what I'm here to do.

–Airman 1st Class Jennifer Snook, 142 FW Medical Group, Oregon Air National Guard

A Homeland Hero

A1C Jennifer Snook takes you through some of the important roles played by Airmen when it comes to responding to mass casualties. Hear her discuss a life-saving moment she'll never forget.

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Know How to Respond to the Unthinkable

As an Airman in the HRF mission, you'll learn how to save lives in the wake of tragic and devastating events.

National Training Ground

Multi-state exercises enhance your catastrophic-response skills as you train alongside other units and other agencies. Check out some of the missions you'll train for.

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We have highly trained and motivated personnel who do an exceptional job. After the decontamination area was set up, we were able to receive 'patients' within 27 minutes. People like these, they make my job easy.

–LtCol Charles Drown, 165th Medical Group Commander, Georgia Air National Guard

Saving Lives is Our Mission

Strategically placed in ten regions around the country, HRF and CERFP teams are on the scene within hours to provide hope, inspiration and life-saving capablities.

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10 ANG HRF Units (As of 2012)
Ready to Respond in 72 Hours
1,269+ Committed Airmen
in HRF Missions