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Air National Guard

Our Eyes in the SkyGoing Global

In Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, you’ll battle in air, space and cyberspace to protect citizens at home and Airmen overseas.

Giving Our AirmenEvery Advantage

From flood-damaged areas in the states to hostile terrains across the ocean, you’ll use manned and unmanned aircraft, satellites, radar and other means to gather intelligence that will achieve mission goals and save lives.

Airmen stationed at home conduct global operations with our most powerful weapon – intelligence. Check out some of ISR’s critical missions around the country.


After the Haiti Earthquake, our ISR team in Texas provided real-time, life-saving damage assesment.


Airmen based here at home scout hostile terrain with remotely piloted aircraft, protecting American convoys from ambush.


Working from their base in Utah, Cryptologic Linguists translate enemy communications, giving our troops a key advantage.

Be our eyes and ears around the world

Geospatial Intelligence Analyst

Armed with satellites, you'll distinguish the benign from the dangerous and alert fellow airment to hidden threats.

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Cryptologic Language Analyst

You'll decipher and relay encoded information. Using radio receivers and recording devices, you will translate, evaluate and report on top-secret communications.

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Network Intelligence Analyst

You will intercept, identify and analyze information, and it will be up to you to determine what is threatening and where it came from.

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Gather intel with the versatile, undetectable and unreleting predator

Remotely operated aircraft pilot

As a Predator Pilot, it takes a steady hand and cool nevers to precisely operate aircrafts from the other side of the planet.

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Sensor Operator

It may be a short commute to work, but you'll be helping keep your fellow Airmen safe on the other side of the world.

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Avionics Systems Technician

Unmanned aerial vehicles still need hands-on attention. Oversee multiple onboard systems to ensure mission success.

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Gear Spotlight: MQ-1B Predator

Thrust 115 HP
Wingspan 55 FT
Length 27.1 FT
Speed 135 MPH
Range 770 MI
Armament 2 Hellfire Missles

As an imagery analyst
we're the eyes in the sky
for the United States.

–SMSgt Kelly Reich, 192nd FW, Virginia Air National Guard

A Watchful Eye

From natural disasters to battlefields, SMSgt Kelly Reich provides crucial intel. Hear her discuss her role as an image analyst.

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From this very soil decisions will be made, aircrafts will be guided that will transform what is happening in the warzone in a way that will make our military even more effective.

–Governor Strickland, Former Governor of Ohio

Persistent Vigilance

Our Predators, Reapers and Global Hawks reach areas others can’t to provide life-saving intel. Check out a few of our remotely piloted aircraft in action.

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Freedom through Vigilance

More than 20 Air National Guard units train a keen eye on the world at large every hour of every day.

Number of MQ-1 Predator Missions Top Secret
Number of languages
spoken by ANG linguists
MQ-1 Predator's Maximum Range Inquire Within