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Flight Nurse

Flight Nurse

When members of the Armed Forces are injured and need to be transported for more advanced medical care, aeromedical evacuation teams are called. Air National Guard Flight Nurses are a key component to that team. During annual training or a more prolonged basis as needed, Flight Nurses work as part of a unique healthcare team, bringing their knowledge and expertise to a battlefield environment. You'll aid in the transportation of critically ill or wounded service members. You'll plan and provide comprehensive nursing care for all types of patients during medical evacuations and airlift flights. As a Flight Nurse, you'll brief medical force support at the medical facility on continuing nursing care and requirements. A career as an Air National Guard Flight Nurse is one of the most rewarding careers offered. You may even get an opportunity to work with humanitarian outreach programs, aiding victims of natural disaster or conflict.

Minimum Education: Nursing School Category: Healthcare AFSC Code: 46FX

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