Traffic Management

Traffic Management

A single Air Guard unit produces miles of paperwork and houses several tons of equipment to service multiple aircraft. As you can imagine, people, paper, and equipment are often going in a million different directions. It is the job of the Traffic Management Specialist to keep order in this otherwise chaos-driven environment. In this role, you’ll be in charge of making sure everything gets into the right hands at the right time. It'll be your job to ensure shipments are ready for transport, inspect freight for damage, keep accurate records, and operate forklifts, pallet trucks, and hand trucks. You will prepare transportation requests and authorizations for loading and unloading shipments, arrange for quality-control visits to personal property pickup sites, and provide quality checks of airline routings and fare computations. The work of the Traffic Management Specialist is vital, because when disaster strikes, the Air Guard must be ready to respond immediately, and with the right tools.

Minimum Education: High School Diploma Category: Logistics & Transportation AFSC Code: 2T0X1

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