Public Affairs Officer

Public Affairs Officer

The most important traits we possess in the Air National Guard are our integrity and reputation. In today's ever-changing world, we are often performing missions that raise the public's awareness of what we do. It's the job of the Public Affairs Officer to handle all of that extra attention. In this role, you represent the Commander and all of the members of the Air National Guard when addressing the media, making sure things are explained appropriately. You might be reviewing speeches, news releases, tapes, or photographs for security reasons, or simply writing and editing news, features, and commentaries for base newspapers, websites, or media releases. All of the news that's fit to print falls under your responsibility, so you could even be publishing and editing the base newspaper. One thing is certain; every day is different for a Public Affairs Officer, which is why, like the Air Guard itself, you must always be prepared for anything.

Minimum Education: Bachelor's Degree Category: Public Relations AFSC Code: 35PX

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