When precision and accuracy are critical components to completing and surviving missions, pilots and their crews can’t afford to miss a thing. As an Air National Guard Optometrist, your part of a unique team of trained health professionals, working and training part time and getting ready to assist the Armed Forces in time of need. Performing annual training a few weeks a year or on a more prolonged basis if the need arises, you'll monitor and correct the vision of Armed Services members, keeping them flying high. As an Optometrist, you’ll examine, diagnose, treat and manage diseases and disorders of the eye, as well as diagnose related systemic conditions. You’ll be an integral part of the military health team and an entry point into the military health care system, which includes comprehensive primary eye care services, such as evaluations, diagnoses and treatment.

Minimum Education: Bachelor's Degree Category: Health & Medical AFSC Code: 42EX

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