Munitions & Missile Maintenance Officer

Munitions & Missile Maintenance Officer

Start your career in the Air National Guard as a Munitions and Missile Maintenance Officer. Handling high-explosive incendiary rounds, nuclear weapons and a vast array of bombs is all in a day's work for these well-trained professionals. As a Munitions and Missile Maintenance Officer, you’ll work with weapons systems of every kind on a variety of aircraft. You’ll learn to identify munitions by filler, color code, marking, or physical characteristics; demilitarize nonhazardous munitions; and operate munitions materiel handling equipment (MMHE). Working with munitions is a dangerous job, but you’ll be given the training necessary to expertly manage any situation that comes your way.

Minimum Education: Bachelor's Degree Category: Weapons & Munitions AFSC Code: 21MX

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