Critical Care Medicine Officer

Critical Care Medicine Officer

One of the thrilling benefits of being in the Air National Guard is that you could be working anywhere in the world, or even in the air, providing care during flight as the leader of a Critical Care Air Transport Team. As an Air National Guard Critical Care Medicine Officer, you're part of a unique team of trained health professionals — professionals working and training part time, getting ready to assist the Armed Forces in time of need. Performing annual training a few weeks a year or on a more prolonged basis if the need arises, you'll examine, diagnose and treat diseases and injuries typical for critical care units, while also managing critical care activities. You’ll treat patients suffering from surgical shock, postoperative hemorrhages, respiratory failure, and other complications. When you work in the Air Guard, complex trauma or exotic and medically challenging diagnoses are not uncommon, so it takes a talented, versatile person to handle this job.

Minimum Education: Bachelor's Degree Category: Health & Medical AFSC Code: 44YX

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