Airfield Management

Airfield Management

In an Air National Guard unit, planes are landing and taking off all the time. You never know when you’ll need a clear runway at a moment’s notice for an emergency mission. That’s why Airfield Management Specialists are vital to the operation of an Air Guard unit. As an Airfield Management Specialist, you are one of the primary responders to in-flight and ground emergencies, and you'll be responsible for the removal or dispersal of birds and wildlife on or near the airfield using pyrotechnics or bioacoustics to scare the threat off the airfield environment. The Airfield Management Specialist is also responsible for issuing Notices to Airmen for flight hazards or restrictions at your airfield or in your airspace that would pose safety problems to pilots flying to your airfield or through the airspace.

Minimum Education: High School Diploma Category: Command and Control AFSC Code: 1C7X1

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