Aircraft Electrical and Environmental Systems

Aircraft Electrical and Environmental Systems

You’ve seen it in the movies – you have five minutes to change a life or death situation: is it the red wire, or the blue? As an Aircraft Electrical and Environmental Systems Specialist, you’ll know exactly what each of the thousands of wires in your assigned aircraft do, and how to solve the critical, quick-decision crisis moments that arise. In this job, you’ll inspect and evaluate aircraft electrical activities and determine the operational status of the aircraft in your care. You’ll become an expert in reading blueprints and schematics and learn the meaning of symbols used in wiring diagrams. You’ll also handle, label, and dispose of hazardous materials and waste according to local and federal environmental standards. Your role in the Air National Guard is a serious one, because the difference between success and failure really could be the difference between life and death.

Minimum Education: High School Diploma Category: Aircraft Maintenance AFSC Code: 2A6X6

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